Åsnes Melhuus

About the Artist

Åsne Melhuus’s (b. 1975) contemporary art is an expression of freedom. It can be seen as a reaction to a regulated and disconnected society, leaving less freedom to create peace within and out. The creative feeling of freedom leaves the expression of peace in her art. The paintings reflect the feeling of the moment “inside” the soul- landscape. Creative freedom of expression is related to the whole process … colors, forms and techniques. No right, no wrong and no boundaries.

Åsne was brought up on the countryside (Ringsaker) of Norway with dogs and horses, together with her father (a veterinary), mother (a teacher), and a sister, two years older than her. Åsne’s life was about art, music, people, acting, outdoors and animals.

From early age Åsne was interested in justice for all. She graduated from lawschool at the University of Oslo in 2004. She also took a masters degree in International Law from San Francisco, US. Today, she practices law as her day job and lives as a single mom with her five-year-old daughter.

Åsne has always been a creative person, always painting and drawing. By learning some basic techniques from another artist, she started painting with acrylic in 2007. Åsne quickly developed her own skills and identity in her expression. She is always in progress of exploring.