Bob Eige

About the Artist

Bob Eige is an emerging, self-taught artist who was born in Newark, NJ and who now lives in the Sierra Foothills of California. His childhood inspirations in art included frequent visits with his family to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He says that art is in his family genes — his grandmother’s cousin was the famous cubist painter Max Weber. His brother, Howard, is an associate professor who has taught European and American art history, and painting for four decades. He teaches at the California Collage of Arts, Oakland, CA.

Eige’s work ranges from abstract, to sci-fi fantasy. Some have a kinship with fantastic realism. He considers himself to be a Visionary Artists and his artistic aim is to help us envision positive alternative futures. He believes that our species fate is not predetermined. And that we can all help to create a more peaceful world infused with greater spiritual light. His paintings include fragments from many cultures and traditions including Egyptian, Indigenous peoples of the world, Chinese, and Japanese.

Currently, his work is on display at Hindman Fine Arts, Sacramento, CA and also at the Tahoe City Maritime Museum. Another gallery to show his work in recent years was the Benko Art Gallery, South Lake Tahoe, CA.