Pashmin Art Gallery in Art Beijing 2018

Art Beijing is an art fair located in Beijing that serves the most art institutions in China, will hold its 13th annual art fair in Beijing on April 29th, 2018. It is constantly making adjustment to its own exhibition structure based on the established pattern of the art market, as well as its rich experience in running its fairs and exploring new methods to develop in such a way that best suits the market in China. Based on the core concept of ´´Locally based and Asia-oriented´´, Art Beijing 2018 will continue with the scale and pattern of the previous exhibition by integrating into it the country´s significant weight in domestic art to fully demonstrate the Chinese art market centered in Beijing. In addition to four sections including contemporary art, classic art, design art and public art, the ´´Hi21´´, a young art market brand has also been added to the fair to demonstrate the youth art unit. 

Beijing, as a center for the display, trade, creation and service of culture and arts, acts as one of the most important positions for Chinese art and also as a window for showcasing the Chinese culture to the world. Art Beijing, rooted in Beijing and serving as the barometer of the art market, will not only introduce western contemporary art, but also will showcase Chinese art to the world to highlight the ´´strength of China´´ in the cultural and artistic field. 

The Art Beijing 2018 has selected approximately 160 art institutions from 14 different countries and regions, which continues the scale and pattern of the previous exhibition by integrating into it the country´s weight in domestic art. Relying on the platform of the Beijing Gallery Association, it provides support for galleries, especially art institutions to promote the operation and development of China´s advanced culture and art, thus promoting the prosperity of the art market and having art popularized and expanded in social life.

Meanwhile, Art Beijing will continue to adhere to the principles of academic and commercial value. This year Art Beijing will cooperate with Instituto Cervantes de Pekín, Embassy of Mexico in China, Embassy of Portugal in China, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and British Council to present a special exhibition project called Art! World and talks. We aim to jointly promote the popularization and communication of art and culture around the world, as well as undertake the mission of education and communication of art.